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Thought-Provoking Questions

Are your financial goals where they need to be?

Would you like to accelerate your financial goals?

Will your money last as long as you do?

Do you have a "Succession Plan" in place already?

Has anyone ever explained what this is?

Invest a few moments in this thought, it's that important!

Is your family READY for the unexpected?

Are you aware that today's life insurance does SO MUCH MORE?

The rich & wealthy know the power of life insurance, shouldn't you?

You have nothing to lose and everything to call us!


We've discovered from experience watching our clients flourish, laying out their best plans for their families, just to see this all fall apart once they've departed.  Granted, our clients didn't see it happen, but their family experienced the fallout.  I'm sure you've seen or heard about this before?  Someone works long and hard to make a better life for their family and themselves, but they failed to put a proper plan together, because they assumed everyone would be happy with their share, then we hear the stories of what really happened at the reading.  The family squabbles and infighting.  Here are some important questions to ask yourself - Do all our children behave the same - NO!  Are some stronger willed than the others - YES!  Do some believe they deserve more - YES!  This is one of many ways your family could experience Wealth Transfer Squabbles.

This is where Munoz & Associates come into the picture.  Through proper planning and execution, having a good Plan of Succession in place, you can divide your estate in a manner that creates a win-win situation for all your heirs, while you are still here to enjoy it with them.  Imagine that, everyone is happy in the end.

With 25 years of real estate, 15 years of mortgage and 24 years of financial services experience, we feel uniquely qualified to offer our perspective on how we can advise and implement a plan for you that will not only increase your current net worth but also give you the peace of mind that once your business on this earth is done, your plan has been accepted by your family and everyone will be more than ok afterward.


3111 N. Tustin St, Suite 150, Orange, CA 92865

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